Kitchenland USA has been creating outstanding custom kitchens, baths, & cabinetry in and around Springfield, MO, since before the turn of the century…

Along the way, Kitchenland has earned a credible reputation, with homeowners and builders alike. Why? We listen to our customers and take full responsibility for the entire job, from measuring to design to installation. Generational experience, unique access to the highest quality materials in the industry, and simple appreciation and love for the people we serve, that’s been the recipe all along. Kitchenland USA – kitchens proudly built in the tradition of our Slightly Obsessive Amish Family.

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Part of Our Family Heritage (circ. 1960s-1970s)

Brad Schrock
Owner & Founder

Brad’s grandfather and grandmother were born into the Amish Faith; however, they left when Brad’s father was about eight-years-old and became Mennonite.

It was in the 1940s (after the Great Depression) when grandpa Schrock started to make cabinets to support his family during those hard times. He did quite well and became the first Formica dealer in the state of Illinois. Grandpa Schrock’s cabinet company was also where his three sons learned the “family” business.

Fast forward to the 1960s, and Brad’s father and Uncle Stan started Schrock Brothers Manufacturing in Arthur, IL. It was here where Brad had his first job at eight-years-old oiling drawer guilds and bagging pulls.

After high school and a little college, Brad moved into Sales, and for four years worked at CHI Overhead Doors.

I would put 2-9’X7’ in the back of a minivan and 2-16’X7’ on top and deliver them to Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. It was a lot of fun, but the company was small, and I was laid off.”
— Brad Schrock

Not wanting to work for someone else, Brad called his uncle, who lived in Missouri, and told him he wanted to start a cabinet company in Springfield. In March 1993, Kitchenland USA in Nixa opened its doors.

Over 27 years later, Kitchenland USA is still helping the families of the Springfield, MO area realize their dream kitchens built in the tradition of Brad Schrock’s Slightly Obsessive Amish Family.

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